Sacred Journey Goals

The 15th edition of the Sacred Journey in May, 2023 pays tribute to a ritual and tradition rescued after hundreds of years of not being carried out, where the ancient inhabitants of the region made a pilgrimage by sea to pay tribute to the goddess Ixchel and receive a message for their people. Among the goals of the Sacred Journey that Xcaret rescues outstand:
Preserve an ancestral tradition. This ritual recreates an offering to Ixchel, the goddess associated with the moon and fertility. It was performed by the ancient settlers of this area of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Contribute to the consolidation of a cultural offer in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Strengthen the original culture of the region, promote sustainable tourism development, and spread one of the most relevant events in the Playa del Carmen area.
Be a vehicle to learn about the traditions of the former inhabitants and create interest among new audiences.
Invite the community to be proud of the region’s ancient culture, preserving it from the intense migratory flow in the region.

Great Navigators

During the pre-Hispanic era, the Itza group populated the Yucatan Peninsula and were known as Great Navigators, who started different commercial routes. According to the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, the Itza left Cozumel for continental lands, arriving at Polé (today Xcaret), and later, searched for new places until they reached a sacred cenote where they founded the City of the Water Sorcerers nowadays known as Chichén Itzá.
Due to their extensive trade, they have even been called the Phoenicians of the New World. In the 2022 edition, canoeists and canoeists will go to sea and cross the Ekab Sea, as the former settlers named it. By reviving this ancient tradition wrapped in spirituality, we will also remember those exceptional navigators on their mystical journey.
The Itza people established the oracle of Ixchel, the goddess associated with fertility, the moon, and weaving, in Cuzamil, today the island of Cozumel. They went on pilgrimage every year, paying tribute to her in the hope of receiving good news to take to their own. To cross to the island, they asserted their status as Great Navigators.

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